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How it works

We ship to your bar, wherever you are in the UK. Send back your empties to get free full ones. We are proud to use and reuse Wade British porcelain. Open to trade only.

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The Norfolk Gin Postal Returns Loyalty Scheme
The Fantastic 6 = 7 Offer

Terms and Conditions

The purpose of the scheme is to encourage the return of Norfolk Gin bottles and to allow their reuse.

This postal service is for those customers we and our wholesalers cannot reach on their delivery routes. Minimum order 2 bottles. We will ship to you in plastic free packaging twin or six pack which we ask you to reuse to return the empty bottles to

Norfolk Gin
PO Box 3735

Include your business name and email address with the returned bottles. We will issue you with one credit for each bottle that is returned suitable for reuse. Once you have earned 6 credits we will send you a full 70cl bottle free of charge.

When you have poured the last Norfolk Gin, simply refit the stopper and put in the original box for return. If you lose the stopper just seal off with cling film for sending back.

Do not wash or rinse out.

Do not use the bottle for anything else.

We can only reuse bottles that are free of contamination and undamaged.

Thank you

Alison and Jonathan

September 2021